Interview mit Michael ‘bigfatlp’ Tang

09.11.2012 19:49

From your experience, what are the most prevalent reasons for failed games in general and can you give a tip how to avoid them?
Michael ‘bigfatlp’ Tang: I can clearly say playing the game without a clear state of mind. When u play on tilt and involve emotions, you are very vulnerable to a bijijilion mistakes.

With so many people following your games, in how far do you think expectation plays a role in peoples’ minds and have your games been afflicted by that?
Expectation can often fuck you up or mess with how you play. In season 1 I would always take calculated risks and play like a boss and not give any fucks to no body, then during a small period of time of getting camped all day mid in tournaments I started to transfer to pure passive mode. Ignore what random kids think and expect, play your gaiM 8-D


Michael Decker